I *am* still here~

By big demand I was informed I needed more updates on this site or people would fear I might be dead..  <sarcasm> So without further delay, I am here, I am alive. </sarcasm>

Since the about the time the crowd fund project fell thru in September of 2014 I have honestly been quite busy in my personal life. No I didn’t throw my hands up in the air and say “F* this!” but life has been quite busy this is why there is a lack of updates or finalizing my ugly site to something more complete and personalized. Currently I am attempting to brush up on my PHP and get a better understanding of Java/Ajax/jQuery honestly a language set that boggles my mind for some reason. I have also dusted off my 3d printer (Wanhao Duplicator 4), gotten it working correctly again and started making useful knickknacks and little accessories for my car. I plan to be releasing some of my designs to the public thru my site as well as Thingivers in the near future.

I will stop at this for now.

IndieGoGo Campaign – Ended..

Unfortunately the IndieGoGo Campaign I had launched 8 weeks ago has ended and will not be funded.

I was unable to get enough contributions to reach the goal set for the campaign. The goal was in place to cover the overhead costs of producing a large quantity production run to be able to offer the case at a reasonable price to the general public.

I suppose a lesson I have learned from this campaign for myself would be to ensure I have a prototype in my hand to take pictures of and show off prior to launching a Crowdfund. Due to the large number of scams out there no one trusts in computer generated models and want to see the real thing. Unfortunately due to circumstances  (and lack of personal funding) I was not able to produce an acceptable prototype to show off to everyone viewing the Crowdfund in time. Various prototypes were indeed produced.. But non were produced complete, form and fit testing was preformed in-between the machining operations of the case and design flaws or needed alterations were caught so production of the prototypes were often stopped mid run to avoid additional needless costs.

For anyone still interested in this case please feel free to get in touch with me.
I will continue my work on this case on my own time and hopefully one day will produce something that is available for the public.

(New Project) Sheetmetal Case for RPI B+

I know everyone knows about my other RPI case that I have been working on, well that one is still waiting for some proto-typing to be preformed.

Figured as I have sheetmetal resources as well, might as well challenge myself more.
So now I am working on a sheetmetal version of the RPI Case.

Again like my other project this is for the RPI B+ model.

I done one design already, it didn’t really work out when I had it proto-typed.
So this is a pre-view of version 2 to give you an idea of what I am working on.

For more about this project go here.

IndieGoGo Campaign Lauched!

I have launched a IndieGoGo campaign for my most recent project!
RPI B Plus – Aluminium Case – By JATMN

What is this you might ask before wasting your time going to the this site that is asking for money?

Recently the Raspberry Pi B+ was released (yay!)
I was really un-impressed by the vast majority of the cases available for the Raspberry Pi B even though it has been out so long.. The few cases I did like were either -way- over priced or I just wasn’t happy with various aspects of the case. Thanks to the new streamlining of the formatting of the B+ I felt it would allow a more sleek design.

But with a sleek design comes a price. Having a background in manufacturing I knew the current price points of some RPI B cases were way over priced and needed to be addressed.

So I have set out to design a sleek case with a more reasonable price point. I plan to manufacture this case in the USA which in one way keeps money in the states, but also doesn’t allow for too much mark down on the manufacturing processes vs being made in China or any other commercial country. But I do know what it takes to make these parts from start to end (design/engineering/manufacturing/selling). So I will give it my best shot.. Mind you I am working on trying to get the best price range possible for consumers not trying to make much profit of this project, profits will merely go to future projects and yes I have a lot of them in mind.

So please stop by and check it out!
Your support is greatly needed to keep costs down.

Thingiverse – Ikea Table-Side Headphone Hanger

Recently I released a design I did for a Headphone Hanger for a common IKEA Table that is found in parts of the USA and other countries.
For more details on this table check it out here.. LINNMON/ ADILS
I have released this for all of you with 3dprinters out there on Thingiverse.com IKEA Table-Side Headphone Hanger