What does JATMN mean?

JATMN - Jack of All Trades Master of None

JATMN was something I was labeled as by my peers after I had changed careers a few times. Generally those around me found I was knowledgeable of just about anything they were seeking help with. When it became time for me to pick an online presence I shortened it down to something more fun to say and just went with it.

Career Background:

My Education and Career history has put me in a number of different industries and professions.ย 

I started fresh out of college as a Computer Systems Administrator for a small company where I found myself working 120hrs+ per week, living alone and surviving on XXL and BFC cans of Monster Energy Drink and Fast-food - I honestly had no time for anything else... This was of course a very unhealthy lifestyle and I was rapidly burning myself out.

Thanks to the economy crash shortly after I found myself in a mentorship learning Sheetmetal Fabrication & CNC Machining. I would later spend almost a decade working in this trade specializing in Production Coordination and Expediting, Logistics, Contract Negotiations and Quality.

After gaining an interest in 3D printing I landed jobs working for various 3D printing companies over the following years. With responsibilities ranging from Customer Service, Testing & Validation, R&D, Product Planning and Program Management.


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